Improper oral muscle tone or strength and poor tongue position can be challenging for orthodontists to correctly align the teeth.  OMD’s such as mouth breathing, tongue ties, tongue thrust, and oral habits can undo what the orthodontist is trying to accomplish. With these left untreated, the long-term stability of the dentition is compromised.

The lips and tongue are natural retainers for keeping teeth straight and in proper alignment. When the lips and tongue are not functioning correctly, the results of orthodontics have a less desirable long-term result and can relapse over time.

When is the best time for myofunctional therapy?

The craniofacial development occurs all the way into the teen years, so early childhood is an ideal time to start myofunctional therapy. However, it is never too late to start correcting myofunctional disorders in order to ensure your orthodontic results are maintained for a lifetime.

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