Melanie Hill, BS, RDH


Hello and Welcome!  My name is Melanie Hill, orofacial myofunctional therapist and owner of Healthy Function, LLC.   I graduated from Idaho State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Dental Hygiene in 1995, after which I spent a year teaching in their clinic as well as working in a private dental office.

I became interested in myofunctional therapy 7 years ago when I attended a professional education course on the topic of myofunctional therapy.  The information covered in the course was extremely interesting to me because I could see that many of my patients coming into my office had these disorders.  I didn’t know there was something that could be done to help these people until I discovered myofunctional therapy.  I could also relate since my son was tongue tied as a baby.  I knew these conditions were common, but not normal, and they could be identified and treated early in life.

It was then that I decided I needed to pursue this new passion of mine.  I started to see the connection with mouth breathing and narrow palate, sleep disorders and snoring and how that affects us, how the face develops over time with oral habits and even diet.  Once I started delving into the world of myofunctional therapy, I began to explore how craniofacial development, airway, breathing and tongue position were vastly linked to the big issues of quality sleep, proper swallowing and overall health and well-being.

With its’ natural approach to the neuromuscular re-education of the muscles of the tongue, lips, cheeks and throat, I was able to identify the importance of myofunctional therapy.

As a myofunctional therapist, I work collaboratively in a circuitry of orthodontists, dentists, ear nose and throat specialists, speech/language pathologists, physical therapists and other health professionals to help improve the lives and health of so many people.

I am physically located at 550 W. Sunnyside Suite 7 in Idaho Falls, Idaho 83402 for in person appointments as well as available for online appointments.  This allows me to serve my clients wherever they are.  For more information about myofunctional therapy, please take some time to browse my website for any answers to questions you may have.  Thank you for stopping by!!


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